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  1. This is the pokemon after it came back to me. And it doesn't change if I pass it on the game.
  2. Good evening everyone. I think I discovered a couple of problems: First problem --> the moves that the pokemon can learn through MT are considered illegal; Second problem --> I switched my starter to PKHeX (20221218). As we well know, the starter is the only pokemon to obey his master even if at the one hundred level he has no medal. After passing it, two values are reset: [FRIENDSHIP] and [OBEDIENCE LEVEL]. The latter "modifies" once the pokemon returns to the game. Does this happen to you too? And also when the pokemon (legit captured in the game) comes back to me it is always indicated as "pokemon captured by others" and doesn't say the phrase "welcome back Pikachu (for example) after a short stay" (well, the usual ritual phrase). I hope it can be resolved.
  3. Sure, but I haven't created or modified the Pokemon in question. It's like I've passed one of the three starter Pokemon to me (without ever having used it) and PKHeX gives it to me as illegal. It's strange. Also consider that my friend has his own Growlithe of German nationality (Legit) and even he cannot pass it. Are you sure it is not possible to verify this aspect of the program? Otherwise could you recommend me a link of a SysBot that would allow me to pass this Pokemon again.
  4. However it is strange that first a SysBot (which only makes legal Pokemon) passes it and once on PKHeX it gives it illegal. I repeat my Growlithe is coming from the online code and not gennato, the same problem has a German colleague of mine (I work in Germany) who can't pass his with PKHeX. I hope we can take action to resolve as this is a damage.
  5. I noticed one thing; he gives these errors by changing the nationality of the Pokemon. Could you please verify this? I also leave you an image of my switch confirming that Growlithe has been legally redeemed.
  6. The Growlithe is legal as it comes from the Gamestop code redeemed by the Switch. He also gives me the exact same errors with Hisui's Growlithe posted on this site.The errors reported are the same as on the screen. Could it be that I don't have the latest updated version of PKHeX?
  7. Good evening. Forgive me in advance for my bad English. I wanted to duplicate Hisui's Growlithe released by "Gamestop" for a friend, but unfortunately, despite mine being legal (I got it with the code following the secret gift) he gives it as illegal. Will there be an update on PKHeX that will fix this? A thousand thanks.
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