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  1. I've only just gotten back into competitive battling, and I was reminded of an issue that I've never fully resolved, and was wondering the opinions of the community-at-large. What is the general consensus on trying to minimize a statistical weakness of a Pokémon? As an example, let's look at Cloyster. He's obviously great against physical attacks, but what if you wanted to choose a Nature and EV spread to enhance its less-than-stellar Special Defense stat to turn it into a dual wall? Is it alwaysalwaysalways better to use Natures and EVs exclusively to improve the things your Pokémon is alre
  2. I was wondering if someone knew of/could work out a code that allows you to teach moves over HMs, making it unnecessary to go to the Move Deleter to get rid of an HM. I've found a couple of codes that claimed to do it, but they both just made HMs break after teaching, and the game treated them like a regular move. I'd rather not lose the HMs in my bag, don't want to use the x99 TM/HM cheat, and would be very appreciative.
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