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  1. I have a physical copy of Alpha Sapphire, and then I have an installed CIA of it as well. I have the physical game's save backed up. Is there any way to have the installed 'version' load the same save file (so I don't have to have the physical copy in)? I can't find any videos about it, and checkpoint doesn't seem to have that functionality. UPDATE: I was able to do it with JKSM no problem.
  2. K, I'll remove all HM's just to be sure. And I don't understand the batch feelings and memories thing yet, but I'll come back here when I get to that point. Just ordered an R4 for my DS Lite.
  3. Sounds good. I think I got it all now. One more question or concern that I have thought of. Do I need to worry about HMs? Or should I have all of those deleted as I am transferring them?
  4. Thank you again so much. I'm generally pretty tech literate, but was unfamiliar with the specific hardware and capabilities/interface of the DS and 3DS. If I don't make the cut off for Pokémon Bank, am I kind of SOL?
  5. Thank you, I have gotten to that point now. For my purpose, it doesn't look like I need it for 3DS, rather just the custom firmware like Atrius said. So that I can install Checkpoint. Then just move the save file from SD card to computer, move Pokemon over w/ PKHex, then open game on 3DS in order to move to Bank, then Home. Is that correct?
  6. Thank you a million! I am here and will lookup how to use it. https://www.r43ds.org/pages/R4-3DS-Gold-Pro-Firmware.html And here as well. https://www.gamebrew.org/wiki/GBA_Backup_Tool Could I use an R4 on a 3DS as well? Again, thank you a million.
  7. Not sure where to comment. Been out of Pokemon for 13 years now. This seems like the place to at least be pointed in the right direction. I want to move all of my 3rd gen Pokemon (cartridges) to Pokemon Home, or whatever the current cloud system is, to be able to use when I pick the games back up. I refuse to go through the crazy official process that it would require otherwise. I have a DS Lite, 3DS, GBA, but not a switch. I am sure that there is some tutorial out there. I am willing to purchase a reader/flash device or whatever is required. Money is not so much a barrier as 100+ hours would be to move 100's of 'mon across 4 generations. Thank you in advance.
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