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  1. Hi! I'm currently using glitches to hunt Shedinja in Emerald's Battle Pyramid. Would it be possible to add a Battle Bag section in the Inventory Editor? Would be easier for shiny hunters to hunt inside Pyramid and Pyke with this instead of using glitches! Thanks!
  2. Great! Is it possible to add a Battle Bag section inside the Item Editor for Emerald Battle Pyramid / Pike? Would be perfect / safer for shiny hunt in here instead of using cheat codes and / or glitches!
  3. Yo, de mon côté je teste en mettant ConfiguredValue sur zéro, vu que ça correspond au nombre de rolls supplémentaires de chaque méthode, à savoir 3 rolls pour l'item (donc le CC), 1 roll pour une page de niveau 10, et 2 rolls en plus pour une page parfaite. C'est ce qui me parait le plus logique, donc à voir.
  4. Hi guys! Is it possible to make a feature to edit the dex tasks and remove completed tasks from it? Like allowing to uncheck the "completed" box, or adding a button like "all seen" and "all caught". 'cause just put 0 ont the task does not bring back the page level down when the save is put back in the game, or maybe am i doing something wrong? The boxes becomes red and i don't figure how to remove them, and the "edit all tasks" button doesn't help me either T^T I'm a full odds shiny hunter and 10 rank tasks pages that i got while doing a normal adventures prevents me from hunting the completed species in post game ^^" Thanks a lot for your explainations ^^
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