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  1. 1.3 should hopefully be out soon The weather TMs were replaced because the ease at which enemy weather teams could be countered was too much imo. I have given plenty of shadows access to these moves via level up however, with Meganium being one of these. Hope you enjoy it when you do get round to playing, and thanks for the feedback!
  2. When you say not being able to get a clean switch, do you mean having to switch in a new mon on the same turn as your poke being KO'd? As it's something outside of my capabilities as a coder I'm afraid, so would need help in making that work. Guessing your issue with hyper mode is it taking a turn away from you when it happens? As again that would require coding that I am just not capable of sorry!
  3. Hey glad to hear you're having fun! All the documentation is included within the download, including stat and type changes You're not getting technician because sadly the ability doesn't exist in gen 3 Let me know how you find the rest of the game!
  4. Have popped this in known issues thank you! It uses the special attacking stat rather than the physical attack stat, currently unsure as to why hahah
  5. Thanks so much for this comment! The Ludicolo fix will be in the next patch whenever I get around to it, however I'm going to wait till I figure out the AI issues as that's currently my biggest issue with the state of Grand. Currently unable to decide on which Pokemon come out first, which makes designing AI strategies a pain. I've experienced the fake outs towards ghosts and leech seed on grass types too, so gonna try and fix that as well. The Mirror B fight requires a lot of prep and tbh I'm not sure how possible it is to beat without Ariados, but with it I've always managed to 6-0 his team below level cap every time I've done a run. Honestly it's the cave trainers that give me the most issues hahah. Looking to see if someone will help me create better trainer documentation for future releases! Hope you enjoyed the hack till the end
  6. Partly due to the line from the anime, partly due to it needing something to distingusih it from other normal two stages, and because it didn't make sense for Pokemon being supposedly stronger as shadows yet having an objectively bad move eating up a slot. Also losing a catch to recoil, especially the legendary dogs, isn't compelling gameplay imo
  7. Fairy is strong against fighting types
  8. Aw thank you I'm glad you're enjoying it! On the PDA issue yeah I need to add that to the known issues file as it does some wonky things for certain mons. If you want to find out about changes ext the documentation is your best bet. The changing abilities thing is me messing up due to having to program both fights yet them being rather far apart in the doc, I'll fix that next patch. Perma weather changes would take coding unfortunately and useless at that I'm afraid. Plus tbh I feel like gen 3 was defined a bit by perma sand so would be remiss to remove it. Honestly documenting all the trainers would have burnt me out big time with how long this took, I just didn't have it in me hahah. May put the boss teams in at some point tbf. Thanks so much for the feedback!
  9. Is it a nkit file? as if so you need to put it through a program you can find over on Vims lair in order to turn it back into an ordinary ISO Let me know how it goes!
  10. Aw thank you so much! Really glad to hear you're enjoying it and thanks for giving feedback That fight in particular however is actually 100% beatable. SPOILERS for anyone who wants to come at this completely blind, but Furret's catch rate is the same as Makuhita's is in the original game, which is 100%. You can catch the Furret and then the enemy can do literally nothing to you, being a normal type. Hope you enjoy the rest of it and don't hesitate to give more feedback, it's really appreciated!
  11. Version 2.0


    Very happy to finally be able to share the first full Pokemon Colosseum QOL and difficulty ROM hack to date! Grand Colosseum not only acts as a difficulty hack to one of the hardest pokemon games out there, but brings a host of QOL changes, including but not limited to . Physical/Special split . Fairy type . 65 New moves . Stat/type/Ability updates and changes (In line with Drayano's hacks) . Revamped TM list with 8 new TMs . Infinite TM use . New shadow encounters . Gym themed Colosseum battles . Higher difficulty . Alolan Ninetales and Marowak , Different versions based on which set of starters/legendario trio you want Patreon for anyone who wants to support me here https://www.patreon.com/kya_colosseum Head on over the the gamecube pokemon hacking discord https://discord.gg/aucXehNbwM to shout at me about anything I might have missed. Must give a massive shoutout to Stars who has helped me throughout this process, and who without his tools I'd have not even managed to turn a Zigzagoon into a Linoone. Would also like to thank protagonist333 for their texture work on Rui and the Alolan forms, as well as FanficPheonix and Lan for their contributions as well, couldn't have done it without you guys! There are plenty of other features I'd love to bring to this project in the future, so anyone knowledgeable in the ways of coding who wants to work on a project like this please get in touch! How to patch Apply the patch file to a clean Pokemon ColosseumISO using any UPS patcher. This patch was made for the NTSC (US) version so it will not work on other versions. The iso is quite large so it may take a few minutes. Always patch onto a clean ISO, even if you are applying an update. When patching make sure file isn't a nkit file. If it is, please note that the patch will not work and you will need to convert the file into an ordinary ISO, or source another ISO. Any previous Colosseum save files will be compatible with future patches, however any version differences involving Shadow Pokemon may result in missing out on certain features.
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