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  1. Yeah, I wasn't quite convinced of it either. I did go to the power plant directly after Lostelle and it was just the major event I remembered that could've checked something, sorry about that. But from your new picture the "Defeated electrode (2)" flag does match up to the seafoam islands current because it was checked after I saved next to Articuno and moved all boulders to their locations. I did some more walking around in the power plant and noticed that the "Defeated electrode (1)" was checked after battling the Electrode at the bottom next to the machine.
  2. Thank you for answering. I'll have to take a more in-depth look at that, but it does help. I was referring to the picture below in the event flags. The two voltorbs match the overworld electrodes in power plant, but I don't know what triggered the electrode flags. As far as I know there are only overworld electrodes in the power plant and no voltorbs so it was kinda confusing.
  3. In fire red there are flags for “defeat voltorb” and “defeat electrode”. I’ve noticed that the “defeat voltorb” flags are for the electrode in the power plant but I don’t know what the “defeat electrode” flags are for. I noticed one was checked around seafoam island and the other after I finished Lostelle and the Hypno. Does anyone have an idea? If this question has been asked before can anyone lead me in the right direction? I haven’t found anything yet.
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