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  1. Not sure if this post is still active. My switch is not hacked at all at the moment and I am planning on hacking it. 90% of my pokemons stored on Pokemon HOME are genned via PKHEX and transfered from Pokemon Bank on 3ds. They all have reasonable and legal stats that can pass the HOME legality check. (Some of them even have the illegal mark on PKHEX but when they could still be transfered to Bank then HOME) I also have a lot of items of which the quantity is x999. I am still playing online regularly and not banned for having such save and it's been over a year since I use this save. I obtained those items from a hacked max raid den opened by someone. I guess the one who opened this kind of den must have a hacked switch and ran the legit game on a sysnand with CFW (something like your first nand). These people opened hacked dens for other players paying them and they never got banned. (What I guess is that if they got banned easily by doing so, they wouldn't run such business as buying a new switch will cost more money than what they earn.) The den also gave me an "egg" which allows me to duplicate any pokemons in sword/shield using a bug with the breeder. I am also quite confused about what an"altered save file" is. If mine is the case, I should get banned cause the hacked den and the buggy "egg" are something definitely out of the legal environment of the game. I even had a crash when launching Pokemon HOME with the "egg" in one of my pokemon boxes. (I had to leave the "egg" to breeder so it won't be in my pokemon boxes.) If such save can survival, I don't think using PKHEX to edit save would result in a ban. The most important thing that you might need to pay attention is the process of extracting the save from the stock nand using some CFW tools like checkpoint and JKSV because this is a violation of the Nintendo rules.
  2. Hi thanks for the save. It's fantastic but I have a question. I loaded your save file on PKHEX and saw quite a lot of pokemons having an illegal mark. Does it mean I can't transfer them to HOME or it's just a problem with PKHEX?
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