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  1. I have already done everything and in the bootleg save I have the pokemon that I put for the bootleg cartridge. The only thing that happens to me is that the file has been reduced to 64kb when 128kb is needed, what I have to do to make it 128kb. It is the only thing I need to be able to put the game
  2. Let's see, I'm a computer engineer but this is giving me problems, the only thing I want is someone who knows how to do it. Can you help me?
  3. What I want is to place some pokemon in the saves and then have them in the game cartridge. You understand me?
  4. bro, i use your program in the option full search. Now, What do have I do?
  5. the truth sincerely I tell you I already read it but I do not understand very well how to do it, you know but thanks for the help.
  6. So is there any way I can edit my game from the hack cartridge and then pass it to the cartridge again?
  7. What I mean is that I do the search with your program and it gives me the file, so to speak, fixed. Then once that file I modify it I pass it to the DS and from there I pass it to the game boy hack cartridge, but once the game is entered it does not load me and the old game loads the one that is not modified. It's like the modified one stays in the air.
  8. What happens in my case is that when I go to load the game already inserted in the cartridge, I load the old one and not the modified one taken from it.
  9. once the program has been used and the games extracted in the complete search. Then how can I get the game modified in pkhex back to the game cartridge again?
  10. is there a way to delete those junk files and be able to load that game into PKHEX?
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