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  1. How? Also is there a way to bypass this PID stuff? Does a pokemon HAVE to be legal to be put in game?
  2. Sorry one more thing. Once I Export Save from PKHEX I go to VBA, Load up the game and import battery file right? But When its not showing my edits!
  3. That totally worked. Saved in the ACTUAL game and then exported battery! THANKS! Am I able to give you rep or no?
  4. I save by going to File->Save... Then to export battery file I go to File->Export->Battery File... Could it be my GBA game thats the issue? Here is my save type as well
  5. I am using VBA I do save in game. Please elaborate? Sav: Pokemon - FireRed Version (USA)(1).sav Still got same error please check I even tried exporting battery as flash save and it still gives same error. I was super excited to try this program out. Wish it would work!
  6. Please help I am so annoyed with this. It makes 0 Sense. Pokemon - FireRed Version (USA).sav
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