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  1. Ive recently completed a living shiny dex for gen 1 & 2 via breeding in gen 2. At the moment im running a lua script/bot to catch some extra shiny Celebi. It's hit or miss how long each one takes. With Gen 1 or 2 not having a PID is there legality issues with changing the IVs to make them shiny? I know Poke Transporter is going to reassign the IV's and give it a PID/EC. Do gen 1 and 2 have a seed they re derived from that wouldn't match if a non shiny was changed to shiny?
  2. I'll keep using Pokefinder. I had no idea RNGreporter was a dropped project. this is from https://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/emerald_rng_part1 - Does this seem correct? You might notice that, aside from the "A" and "B" values, the IVs generated for bred Pokémon match those generated for method 1 Pokémon. This is because the game uses method 1 to generate the Pokémon's IVs before it replaces them with the pre-set values from the parents. However, there are odd occasions when the game opts to either use a different method from method 1 to generate IVs, or assign "A" and "B" values in a different way. What exactly triggers this event is unknown, but most of the results have been documented. While searching for spreads, you will notice that certain spreads have an "S" after their frame. This means the frame in question is what is known as a "split" spread. Split spreads earn their name because they get the first half of their IVs from the "normal" spread that occurs on that frame, and the second half of their IVs from the spread that follows (the IVs they inherit are taken from the spread that follows). This is due to being created by method 4, rather than method 1. While split spreads occur at the same time as their normal counterparts (for example, 943S occurs at the same time as 943). Split spreads are the most common non-traditional spreads that you will encounter, though there is no known way to hit them consistently, other than through trial and error. Another less common anomaly is the game going into what is known as "Alternate Inheritance" mode. Alternate Inheritance mode causes the IVs inherited by the parents to shift backwards one frame. This means that the IVs passed from the parents on frame 943 when using the vanilla method 1 generation will be inherited on frame 942 in Alternate Inheritance mode. This completely changes what spreads are viable; better spreads may occur with shorter wait times, and different parents than usual. However, Alternate Inheritance mode is very unorthodox in its appearances; when it occurs, it will be the method of IV generation for an indefinite amount of time, liable to disappear without notice. For this reason, it is best not to aim for an Alternate Inheritance spread right away; wait until you see different IVs being inherited to take advantage of it.
  3. One screen shot is without the inheritance and the second is. Another note is the frames are different between RNGreporter and Pokefinder, not by much. But I am getting the same PID with those IV's
  4. You are correct - I was initially using RNGreporter. I then double checked using Pokefinder, which has the option of changing the method. I changed it to 'mixed' and it showed the IV's to match the PID i hit, whereas RNG reporter showed different IV's for that PID. Yes, my initial seed is correct, I make sure i input the new one each time I restart the game as shown in the luascript. The parents always are "the two seem to get along' I double check each time. Is 'mixed method' common, I'm consistently getting it but only when RNG eggs.
  5. The parents aren't legitimate, however they are 'legal'. Would that cause a problem? Edit- On Pokefinder with the method selected as 'mixed' the IV's match.
  6. I'm RNG eggs on gen 3 Fire Red with an emulator with a Luascript to see my frame. I'm using RNG Reporter to find the PID and frame with the initial seed and my TID/SID. I'm hitting my frames and getting the PID for the shiny egg without issues. However I'm noticing the IV's i get are different to what RNG reporter says they should be. The mon is still legal, I'm curious if the emulator is causing this issue, I've never had it before, and it's very consistent when RNG eggs on Fire Red.
  7. There are editors similar to PkHex that allow you still obtain Dream World Pokemon if that's what you're after.
  8. My character is hovering by the wormhole after changing the map coordinates, would you know what i need to change to move?
  9. any reason these get flagged as illegal in pkhex?
  10. When I redeem this pgt in game it all works fine. But when I save and check the file on PkHex the Lucario isn't there and there is red box where it would have been. I've tried on Pearl and Platinum, all other mystery gifts work fine. Any advice?
  11. I've been playing a Korean Rom and it has the ABC option on the trainer name section to change to English text (character name only). I'm only asking as I don't have a legitimate cartridge to compare and I'm getting the Dream World mons which I would like to be "legit".
  12. I was trying to follow the guide and couldn't edit the memory in dolphin emulator and gave up and redeemed a Jirachi normally and it turned out to be shiny Jolly one! Couldn't believe it. RNG reporter says the seed was from frame 1, wouldn't have thought I could hit that frame.....anyway still stoked
  13. I've attached one I just bred in Pokemon Black. Hatch with name all in lower case which is different from the previous gen all capitals. Pkhex flags as illegal due to nickname not matching species name. Edit - ill breed one in Emerald to see what happens. Edit - bred one in Gen 3 Emerald and Gen 4 Platinum both hatched with capitals in the nickname and with the previous spacing. Farfetch'd hatched in gen 5 appear to have the name in lower case and ones Transferred from Gen 4 using Poke Transfer have the apostrophe edited in the name. It seems the change was implemented in Gen 5 - any moved through Pkhex into gen 5 from a previous game will not pass Pokemon Transporter 083 - Farfetch'd - 832D82BACC27.pk5 083 - FARFETCH’D - 3332003171C4.pk4
  14. Here is the original Pk3 (before transfer) and the Pk5 (after Poke transfer). To clarify I never went gen 3 -4 Pal park as I could not emulate it. I did go Gen 4 -5 Poke transfer as I could emulate that transfer via Melon DS so there is only the PK3 and PK5 to compare. It appears the spacing between the apostrophe and the 'D' is closer together after going through Poke Transfer 083 - FARFETCH'D - B8E48D4CC334.xk3 083 - FARFETCH'D - 9D468D4CC334.pk5
  15. Got them through after going through Poke Transfer gen 4 -5 Confirmed to be an issue with the apostrophe - It appears going through Pal Park or Poke Transfer in Gen 3 - 4 -5 will alter the apostrophe which is what the Transporter is checking for. As I originally used Pkhex to move them from Gen 3 to 5 the change hadn't occurred and they were blocked from going into Bank via Transporter. A note is that Pkhex will flag them as illegal even though they are fine - Flags that the nickname is altered regarding the in game traded Farfetch'd and the XD Farfetch'd nickname doesnt match the species name.
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