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  1. So for anyone in the future looking for the same information... Click this link here. That file can be downloaded and then opened with PKHeX. Go to Tools > Data > Dump Boxes to add them all to your computer's PKHeX database, and from there you can do as you please what you need with an entire living dex of (shiny) USUM Mons. What timing lol. I was away and found that save and returned right when you posted that.
  2. I feel like this is a guide that should've been made long ago, but I can't seem to find one for USUM. How can I go about easily producing and then genning an entire living dex' worth of Smogon-style Pokemon into my USUM save with either PKHeX proper or the Mass Editor tool built off of it? Is there a database I can access/use to import all the builds of said comp-oriented Pokemon? Even just a crazy long .txt file full of Showdown-formatted mons to insert would be appreciated. My ultimate goal is to create two dex' worth. One to keep on my copy of Ultra Sun and one to port through Bank, through Home, into Sword to finish the Galarian dex.
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