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  1. The starter Pikachu is identified by : species (of course) and the OT/name and OT/id. I'm pretty sure catch rate is not relevant to identify the starting Pikachu. This shall be confirmed by testing. If you have several Pikachu qualiying as starter Pikachu in your party, only one will follow Yellow given the first one in the party is not fainted. Also, in Yellow, happiness is not stored per Pokemon. Only the starter Pikachu's happiness is stored. Any action done on any of the qualified starter Pikachu will affect the overall Pikachu happiness value (ex : using an item, fainting,
  2. Hi, first of all, thanks a lot for this research, it's very helpful ! I do have a question regarding this. Trainer House Set offset C09 to 01 and offset C2E to FF to properly activate! Is offset C09 used to specify if the default trainer shall be replaced by another trainer (the latest one having done a mistery gift) and is C2E offset used to specify if the trainer has already been battle during the say (if I remember correctly, the trainer at the trainer house can only be battled once per day, right ?).
  3. Well the goal of this feature would be indeed to change the team of the trainer we can battle in the trainer house. I thought it was a cool feature. From my end, I've a device able to extract save data from cartridge and I use it to give replicated events mons from the NY Center to friends (yes I know people still playing Gen 2 on original hardware ). As an easter egg, I'd insert a specific team the guy who received the event mons at the Trainer House. And still, I thought it would still be fun to be able to set a specific team you would like to battle (ex : to test your
  4. Hello, If the player never did a mystery gift, a default trainer can be met in the Trainer House located in Viridian City (with the highest evolutions of the threee Johto starters). But if a player did a mistery gift, the default trainer is replaced by the party of the latest player connected for a mistery gift. Some research has been done about the Trainer House (located in Viridian City) and the offsets in the save file. See here. It'd be awesome to have a feature in PKHeX allowing to update this data. I thought about it and here's how I think it could be integrated
  5. Hi, Few words on my Pokemon journey. I started with the Blue version on Game Boy (the very first one) back in the day. That's the only one I finished "legally". I even got Mew traded from my cousin who got it from the Nintendo distribution tour. Then I switched to the gold version when it was out and bought a Game Boy color. I enjoyed it even better than the original game. I totally skipped the Game Boy Advance releases. Then on DS, I played on the HeartGold version. Recently I decided to replace the death batteries of my GB games and start them over. I've now a d
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