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  1. After poking around I’ve figured out what my problem was. This is also a reminder to myself and other programmers to take a break from hard problems from time to time; it really does helps clear the head. I’m posting what I’ve figured out here, and I’ve edited the title to both better reflect what my problem actually was and so that it can be searched for a little easier in case anyone else is looking for this kind of stuff. One of the things overworlds do is define a trainer’s behavior. Each overworld in a map’s event file has a script field with a script number in it. This script
  2. I've been working on a gym shuffler using dabomstew's randomizer as a base, and I started with Platinum. It shuffles the warps so that each city connects to a random gym. I've been using Spiky's DS Map Editor and its code as reference to implement everything so far, but I'm having trouble figuring out how gyms' trainers check for badges. Is there a way to change the badge-checking condition for gym trainers? After looking over some topics here, it seems like I need to edit "level scripts" to change what I want to change. If I'm on the right track with level scripts, is there a (
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