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  1. There is no end-message on the green progress bar. It’s a bug in the form but the file does get written. I let it sit for 15 minutes or so after it reaches the end to make sure it finishes. It is possible you might have played the backup instead of your modified game or possibly mixed up files. This is why you make sure you keep all your files together in the same folder. I used a hacked 3DS and a copy of Ultra Moon that I bought off the eShop to randomize my game. I never tried Citra. It’s possible that it didn’t properly decrypt if you got error messages about the exef.
  2. For wild randomization, make sure you close out the wild randomizer window before exiting the whole application. Your changes are not saved until then. Also make sure your files are not write protected and that you recompiled your game properly and from your edited copy. Neonoafs: there should be Gen flags in the wild randomizer window near the bottom to include or exclude each generation. At least there are in the Gen7 wild randomizer. Gen6 looks a bit down-scaled, so it might not be there.
  3. When you post an error like that, you should also post what part of the process you were in. Anyway, here is how I got mine to work on actual hardware. 1) set up 3DS for homebrew. You need to install Luma3DS, Godmode9, and FBI along with all their prerequisites. 2) purchase and download the game. I’m not white knighting here. This makes sure you have a working and clean copy which you will need for the next step. 3) boot into Godmode9 and dump your game to .CXI format. I have not tested the “Build CIA” options but the CXI will extract properly later
  4. I have a question wild encounters: what happens if you balance the encounter slot rates so they are all even? A grass patch has 10 slots. These are typically set to: 20, 20, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 5, 4, and 1% What happens if you set them all to 10%? Does it weigh them all as equal? Is there an additional formula for how an encounter slot is picked? I was playing with the code and just added an option for re-balancing rate distributions.
  5. I am going through the code (as a learning exercise). MegaBlaziken257: Your error above is saying that it cannot identify your version of the game because the GARC file is not returning a valid version number. Without seeing your setup, I can’t say too much more. I would try and re-dump your game. Make sure you decompressed everything into a new folder(keep all subdirectories intact) and don’t add anything to that folder or change anything. When you open PK3DS, it needs to point to that new folder. The new folder should only have 2 subdirectories (“exefs”, and “romfs”) and “ex
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