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  1. With last PKHex, I can't anymore to edit Poképuffs, I've a error message.
  2. I've a problem when I try to import a wondercard, PKHex says me the slot is empty, there isn't data. Edit : OK, it seems to be a problem with dump of wondercard, because Eon ticket doesn't work, but German Beldum yes.
  3. I have Pokémon BW and BW 2 in French and I will go to Pokémon Days in Switzerland, I'll get Meowth.
  4. The European Keldeo is the same the American Keldeo. I obtained the French and German Keldeo from Micromania, in France.
  5. Tomorrow, I'm going to Micromania, there is event since today. I can have the French and German Keldeo of the european distribution.
  6. In France, Micromania will be distributed from September 11th. Source : http://tinyurl.com/bvmojeg
  7. In Switzerland, Keldeo will be available in October in Softridge (and maybe Gamestop ?).
  8. Pokegen doesn't extract the .PGT file, or I don't know to use it. Here, there is my Pokemon Soul Silver's save, perhaps you'll can extract the .PGT file. Pokemon ASS VS Gi.sav
  9. I'm sorry, but also I have a problem with Mystery Gift Editor to extract the PGT file because I used the option "From WC" and I selected Eevee.
  10. I forgot I had the VGC 2010 French Eevee's Wondercard and I can extract it. VGC 2010 French Eevee (from Lyon, 12th June 2010) Card IDs : 52 Card titles : Un EVOLI de couleur différente! Card comments : Merci d'être venu au Championnat de Jeu Vidéo Pokémon 2010! Sauvegardez une fois que vous aurez récupéré EVOLI dans une Boutique Pokémon. Date cards received : 12th June 2010 Pokémon icons : #133 VGC 2010 French Ee&.rar
  11. English Darkrai is here. Guested edit: Well, there it is! I'll retroactively add this one in. Thanks!
  12. I'm sorry for the late, but I wasn't at home this evening. I'll upload the German, French and English files tomorrow.
  13. I received the German, French and English Darkrai at Gamestop. I'll upload all this files in some minutes, I must to extract them, I've just got back.
  14. Darkrai is available in Zurich, Lucern, Bern and all the German speaking Switzerland. We haven't got Gamestop or Softridge in Geneva.
  15. I live in Geneva, but there aren't any distribution in French speaking Switzerland (where is Geneva). Darkrai is distributing at Softridge and Swiss Gamestop, yes. I'm going to Gamestop the next Saturday (3rd December) and I'm going to try to have the English, German and French Darkrai.
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