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  1. I'm having a separate problem now. Once I take the changes for trainers' Pokemon and put them in the Mod Date Folder (I'm using Yuzu), the game won't launch. It just sits at the launch screen. I've deleted the trainer data folder since I read that can make the game crash. I just have edits to the Pokemon trainers have. Is that something that doesn't work at the moment? All of the other edits/mods I've made have worked fine but editing the trainers seems to be more troublesome. Has anyone been able to edit or randomize trainer Pokemon? Edit: Well, I feel like a dummy. I figured
  2. I am working at making a lot of changes to Pokemon Shield for my next playthrough. I'm having specific challenges with PKNX not saving my changes and writing them to a patch folder after doing work. For example, I will go into Trainers and make some changes to Hop and a few others. I click save when I'm done. When I go back into Trainers it seems like the changes were saved, but when I close PKNX and look in the patched folder the changes for many of the trainers are missing. Usually it only patches over the last few that I did. I don't even know what to do at this point to save my chang
  3. Wondering if someone here can offer me some help/advice. I dumped my Pokemon Shield files to randomize and edit a few things for my next playthrough. I made the changes I wanted to make, then saved. I have a few mods (texture, resolution, etc.) that I have used playing this on Yuzu previously. It was my understanding that I could take the folder that is created when making edits in PkNX and then put that in the Mod Data folder for Yuzu. I did this like I have done in the past, selected it as active in Properties...but nothing. When I try and launch the game, sometimes it won't launch
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