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  1. Save data of No$GBA is compressed by default , so you have to set it to normal. Find the file NO$GBA.INI ,then edit the follow line ,it will should be like this: SAV/SNA File Format == Raw After editing, you should be able to save as non-compressed file. Then Pkhex could read it
  2. I'm playing pokemon yellow (US version) with VBA and citra3ds(VC version) and using PKHex (latest 180709 version) to sort items and PMs. Everything looks work well. However after reaching Lavender Town, I found no move is effective against ghost type pokemons. It seems every move displays as pound while using thus it never damage ghost type pokemons. This happened to save data at the very beginning of the game,however it doesn‘t effect game progress so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Now stuck at here. Maybe something is wrong with the save data? Gengar use pound? This is my save data:sav.dat
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