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  1. Not sure if this was shared but I saw someone mention that the trainers in the battle square in Pyrite can be used to EV train. I checked each one and its true, here is a list of each trainer and what EV's you can train using them. Hunter Davis (Orange) = Speed Chaser Tyler (Purple) = Special Attack Bodybuilder Tommy (Muscle) = Special Defence Rider Phil (Brown) = Defense Chaser Tammy (Girl) = Attack Worker Dip (Yellow Hat Before Square) = HP I only tested this post game and they had full parties of 6 with lvl 60 Pokemon. I'm sure you can use them during the story and they will probably each still have Pokemon relative to the EV training list above. Enjoy!
  2. I'm having an issue that I cannot find discussion for here, I am also new to the site just for this Rom Hack. Whenever my Jolteon absorbs a move with lightning rod, or any of my pokemon use power-up punch, there is no animation for a stat boost and I do not believe they are receiving one either. I am using the latest version as well (1.2.1-3) Enemy pokemon still seem to get stat boosts with these abilities/moves. Thank you so much for working on this rom hack, its quickly become one of my favorites <3 if anyone has a solution or if this is just a bug I would love to know. Thank you!
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