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  1. It should work, but I haven't tested it so...
  2. Well if its closed, then its not not folded, so you could have a code like this: A4000130 7FFF0000 CODE D2000000 00000000 Because AXXXXXXX YYYY0000 is the "if not" command in Action Replay.
  3. I just used this website as a source: http://doc.kodewerx.org/hacking_nds.html#ar_activators
  4. I've added this to the wiki.
  5. It looks like you can log in to the wiki now, I'd suggest if you did make a guide you should put it on that, so it's easier to get to than navigating through the forum.
  6. Also is 9 the universal hexadecimal command for if? or is it ARM specific? And is 0 the universal hexadecimal command for write? Because I think I've seen cheats for other consoles (the Wii) that use different numbers for if. And is there a list of commands on a website? Google didn't help me at all.
  7. Here's what I've gathered, it's built on other people's work. I'd put it on the Wiki but it seems they aren't accepting new users. Name Binary Hex L 1111110111111111 FDFF R 1111111011111111 FEFF Down 1111111101111111 FF7F Up 1111111110111111 FFBF Right? 1111111111011111 FFDF Left? 1111111111101111 FFEF Start 1111111111110111 FFF7 Select 1111111111111011 FFFB B 1111111111111101 FFFD A? 1111111111111110 FFFE ? means I'm not sure and just guessing And for multiple button press B > A A & B = Button B - (A - B) = C
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