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  1. I literally made an account here for the sole purpose of trying to get this answered, since this looks so amazing. I picked up my ROM and used NUPS to try and patch it. Every time I tried, a pop-up would appear that said "The patch doesn't match the file. Patching canceled." I've tried double-checking and re-downloading both the patch and the ROM, and I get the same pop-up every time. It doesn't work with Tsukuyomi either (I know the main page says it's not compatible, but I wanted to make sure since NUPS didn't like it). Can anyone help? Quick update: I tried using 'notify' instead of 'abort' on NUPS to patch the file anyway, and that worked, but the game crashed on launch. When I booted it up, I got past the warning screen that shows at first, and then the screen turned black and stopped entirely. Update again: I also tried deleting my data from the base game, since I had a ROM of that downloaded. The game still crashed on launch.
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