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  1. Wou, I know this post is kinda old, but I have to ask, did this actually go anywhere? It would be a dream to be able to backup my Pokémon from Gen 8 using this, even if I do not have the means to recover them, cause I do not have a CFW Switch. Also, just being able to see their "hidden" values would be awesome.
  2. Humm, bummer =/. Really is a grey area I do not want to risk. Thank you very much. Btw, using a CFW 3DS is fine, right? My Capture Board 3DS does have CFW and that is pretty much the only console I use when replaying the games's story. I also use my New 3DS to shiny hunt (because of the form factor, as in smaller and more comfortable to hold while I watch a movie or something), and that also as CFW. The funny thing is, I only installed CFW so I could get a better experience while playing on the TV. Snickerstream and a wireless controller, but all had some very strong cons that made it a useless effort.
  3. I figured as much, but I have seen some footage and thought it could work reasonably well. I just wish GameFreak and Nintendo themselfs would realease a way for us to play DS/3DS Pokémon Games on the TV officially. Anyway, I appreciate the help. Since nothing changes in my save files, it's nice to know it might at least be one of the options. I might even try Wii U's VC injector for the 4rth and 5th Generation Games. Thank you. I had some time to test CITRA this weekend, and it seems XY and ORAS will be somewhat doable! That being said, a doubt came up, and I hope I can get some help enlightening it. Basically, I would like to know if Pokémon created by an emulator are identical to the real thing? Regarding my plans in CITRA: - 3DS System Settings set to imitate one of my multiple 3DS Systems (I could not set a Sub Region, but I checked and I did have systems with Sub Region and Systems that did not, as I did not pay much attention to this, so I guess it is not an issue?); - The CIA file I use will be extracted from the original game carts I use to replay the games; - The Save File I intend to use in CITRA will be started in the retail carts. As I intend to send Pokémon "created" while playing in the emulator to Pokémon Home eventually, I'd really like to be 100% sure they will be identical to retail (basically the emulator would be if I just inserted the cart and played on another system, wich would not be different from what I actually do, since I do have multiple 3DSs). I appreciate the help!
  4. Hello everyone! My Capture Card 3DS as recently started to give me trouble, shutting down out of nowhere. It seems that I might be unable to play my Pokémon games on the big screen, now that I don't even have the option to buy another modded 3DS. One of the solutions I thought was using CITRA emulator, and since I have a CFW 3DS I think I might be able to transfer my Save Files from the Retail Carts to Citra and from Citra do the Retail Carts. That being said, this is the real question. Would using JK File Manager for the 3DS to "move" my save files from Emulator to retail and vice-versa affect my Save File and/or Pokémon in any way? (No editing tools would be used on the save file, the only 3rd party software used would be the file manager) I do intend to transfer the Pokémon trained in these files to Pokémon Home eventually. I know this can be seen as a Legit/Legal situation, but I really just want to know If the Save File and Pokémon would be identical as If I never used the Emulator to play the game. I appreciate the help, and I apologize If I am posting this in the wrong place. Thanks you.
  5. Alright, I will back my saves up with an eased mind now. I appreciate your help! Thank you!
  6. I do believe my 3DS is a boot9strap, but that is my secondary 3DS System I used to fool around, I would only place my original Cartriges there just to back the save file up, I do not use that system to play online at all, I play online only with me New 3DS, wich runs the fully original Nintendo firmware. Is it ok if this is the case? No changes/flags will come to my save file and/or Pokémon? Also, thank you very much for the guide, I might just have what is needed for most of them.
  7. Hello. Recently a friend of mine lost is Pokémon Omega Ruby Cart, with it, pretty much every Pokémon he had since generation 3. I apologize if this is not correctly placed in the forums. Since there are great minds at editing save files around here, maybe someone can help me out with this doubt. I have a 3DS with Homebrew, and I can use JK Save Manager, my question basically is, is it safe to use these apps to backup all my game Save Files? The idea is not to edit them, just keep a digital copy of all my game progress (I intend to back my save files from Gen III - Gen VII). They all are 100% Unedited save files. I got this crazy idea that something about the process of the backup creating might alter something in its structure that will flag it has a edited file when it actually is not. My concern comes from the Pokémon Sun & Moon recent banwaves, I'm afraid that by backing up my save files, my game might be flagged as edited and banned, or if in the future I do loose my cart and restore that save to another cart, that one is banned, even tho it never got edited. Thank you for your time!
  8. Dug a little and it looks like the Trainer ID for GSC are able to be RNG Manipulated. I might just go down that road and trade wilds from RBY, I think this way I ensure everything is legit when I transfer them to Sun and Moon.
  9. Thank you very much for your reply. Did not even think about the DVs, I supose they get deleted when the conversion to 7th gen files happen, but since they are used to determine the shinyness it can pose a problem. Is there some sort of list/software I can use to check the possible gen 1 DV combinations?
  10. Hello. I am currently playing VC Red, Blue and Yellow, and I am enjoying them a lot since I never fully completed them when I was a Kid, I intent to do the same with Gold, Silver and Crystal, but the thing is, I would like to also transfer the used mons to Sun e Moon. Considering I have the right hardware for the save file backups and all, I can do this, but I am fearsome regarding the legitness. Let's say I want to play Crystal with Staryu since the beggining, is it safer to edit the ID/SID from a Crystal file to match a Staryu traded from RBY (so it will obey), or is transfering a Starmie that was hatched from an egg in GSC and traded to RBY just the same? I'd imagine the files from RBY and GSC do not really store much information. So technically, being hatched in GSC would be recognized as being caught in RBY to the transferer. I'd prefer not to hack anything, that's why I ask, but if I have to do it so I can play GSC and still be able to transfer those mons through gen 1, I'd do it. I appreciate the help, and I am sorry if this topic is not correctly placed.
  11. I'm happy with just using them there really. Thank you!
  12. Hello jojo12100. I can see you have tested catching a Gen 1 Pokémon in G/S/C, traded using the Time Capsule, tryed and it failed to transfer. But what if we catch a Pokémon in R/B/Y, trade and use it in G/S/C, trade back (without any unlearnable moves in Gen 1) and transfer that? Would love to know if it transfers successfully. If VC GSC turn out to never be a thing (I'm a little hopefull with the recent Data Mines tho), this would be a way to play Gen 2 with Pokémon we could actually get to SM.
  13. I've been searching the web and I cant find an answer to this, if its already been anwsered im sorry. First, are Pokemon obtained in a flashcart 100% iqual to pokemon obtained in retail carts? Second, are Pokemon obtained in the Project Pokemon Pokemon white translation 100% legit and iqual to retail carts(If the settings are set to japonese language)? I got my Dream World Eevee and Poliwhirl from there and I need to know...
  14. Thank you! That's a relief! Also, when I was younger, I played Pokemon Emerald on emulator and beaten The Battle Frontier, so when I got the real game I used my friends action replay to beat the Frontier(1 hit ko and 999 stat codes), does this leave marks on my save file? If yes, ill be doing emerald all over again x.x
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