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  1. On the Android version of Pokemon Home when you're asked to download a bunch of data, it seems some of that is the contents of your entire(?) Pokemon Home storage. This was found under Android/data/jp.pokemon.pokemonhome/files/utsudon/34be958a921e43d813a2075297d8e862 Also contained in the directory were box names (under "dd57dcc23a3083551edd85e13c2d5668" in my case), seal data ("336e8afda70b3ff7242fbfd312cb633f"), form data ("470dcd7b646bfcf16d7f0e85bd145ac4") "ec7bfeb16ef1611086cacaad4c610eb6" contained a bunch of weird values which I assume is used for some kind of parsing at some point? Maybe...? I'm not sure why else there would be a random table in there. I also found a file that (I think?) is defining the position of the Pokemon in each box...? Not sure. I was hoping at the very least you'd be more familiar with some of this stuff, jaja. It also looks like the files are signed, meaning these would be for extraction only. There are functions in the app itself which relate to saving data to Home, but I'd prefer not to give people an easy method of putting fake Pokemon on the GTS. Plus decompiled code is a legal grey area unless it's done completely clean-room. The real advantage of this would be easy moving of Pokemon from Go into PKHeX (even if the user doesn't have a Switch), given the fact that support is coming "this year" Files are attached, renamed for simplicity. The trainer name used is "gnulibre" and it seems the way different secret IDs are indicated with the same trainer names are to add a value afterwards (ex. "2", "F"). I had gotten a few starters from different SwSh saves. Also several imports from Let's Go, and my main Sword save, all with the same trainer name. Also I'm sorry if this thread is in the incorrect place. I wasn't sure if this would be considered save data research or not, but I thought it was the closest thing. boxes form pokemon position_maybe seals table_parsing_thing_i_think
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