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    This is the Ash's Pokemon League team. There's no Melmetal, because it's not available in Pokemon SMUSUM, but If you want me to release his team in Sword&Shield, just ask me in comments. All of his Pokemon except for Incineroar have the same moves as in the anime. Incineroar couldn't learn Revenge, so I replaced this move with Darkest Lariat. Rowlet has an Everstone, as it had in the anime. If you like these Pokemon, feel free to comment my work!
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    I know some people have been waiting for a shiny Eevee, so, there it is! It's legal, don't worry. Its level is 12, its ability is Run Away and its Nature is Timid. It's a perfect Normal-type pokemon for Ghost types. Hidden Power's type is Ghost. I hope I helped!
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