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  1. I am doing a catch em all challenge and I have nearly got the second badge For example I have grinded up five linoones to level 41 before even getting the second badge The levels of the wild pokemon are perfect for grinding to obscene levels I love it
  2. I have found a couple of minor issues (by the way I have been playing on the complete 1.3 version of this game) Mainly surrounding the new typings to pokemon e.g milotic So far Milotic and meganium have not had the fairy type added to them even though the pokemon changes page said they were fairy type Also some pokemon aren't learning the new moves that the document says they will learn E.g roselia not learning sludge or sludge bomb by level up marshtomp and larvitar not learning bulldoze Chikorita line not learning any fairy type moves Was I supposed to add another patch when patching the game because I am very confused Please can someone help explain why the document may be wrong also for some reason I can't find the move deleter even though they are supposed to be in orbourgh city next to the pokecenter
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