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  1. Thank you very much for your suggestions! Does Checkpoint also work to this end?
  2. Hello, I know this has been asked before, and I've also consulted HaxAras's guide. I'm unable to follow the steps of that guide due to only owning a non-Japanese Emerald cartridge. Would anybody be so incredibly kind to put the Regi Dolls (and possibly all decorations, but that's optional) in my Emerald backed-up save? I'd be extremely grateful, as the Regi Dolls have been a forever dream of mine to own. Thank you so much in advance! POKEMON_EMER_BPEE00.sav
  3. Hello, I own a PAL HeartGold cartridge, one DS and one 3DS. I'd like to move genned pokémon (via PXHeX, Pokegen or any other applicable tool) to that cartridge. I'm struggling to find any solution as to how to do that. I'd be extremely grateful if anybody could guide me through! Thank you in advance!
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