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  1. if you are just using ryujinx , open the save data location from ryujinx and drag and drop the save file onto pkhex and generate them in the save file and export at the end
  2. Did you generate those mons with 1st bdsp supported version of Pkhex? if so just create a new identical mon with the latest updated build, that'll solve the issue
  3. Thanks for info, looking forward to the update
  4. Thanks for the quick update, for some reason the galarian moltres that i caught in the stepping stone sea area is flagged illegal with unable to match encounter with origin game.
  5. This pokemon shield save file runs well till version 1.1.1 but won't open in new dlc update 1.2.0 , i have tried using both yuzu and ryujinx emulator. In yuzu emulator it's stuck on launching screen and in ryujinx there is just a black screen. I downloaded this save file from some site when it was needed to bypass soft-locks in yuzu emulator. i completed the base story in this save file without any issues but now it won't open with new update. main
  6. if you just want the legendary mons in your swsh game download them from here https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/3689-shiny-across-generations-shiny-living-dex/
  7. try this mon i created from the crystal save and transferred to pokemon sword 009 ★ - Blastoise - DAB17AC4F5B4.pk8
  8. this error appears when you try to view event raids, for normal raids labeled as common and rare don't trigger this error, maybe a fix will be released soon
  9. i think it's urshifu water style and it's g-max form
  10. is the raid display plugin updated to view the dlc raid mons? if there is an update to that i would like the link to it. thanks,
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