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  1. You can also just un-check the nickname field and re-check it.
  2. Thanks a bunch to you and your staff; You're the best! (Some of us wait patiently ;D)
  3. I found a way to get around this...not sure if there is an easier way. This usually happens to me if I make a build first, then revert it into an egg (especially when using a hatched Pokemon as a base). If you did this and are at the egg version with "0" hatch counter, here are the steps I took to fix: 1. Uncheck Egg on "Main" tab 2. Go to "OT/Misc" tab 3. Click on the Memories Button, then click save. This will erase/overwrite something in there that is creating the 0 hatch counter. (This only works once you've decided to make a "hatched" build into an "egg" build, and alr
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