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  1. How did you end up getting it to work? I'm trying to do the same for a Scyther from the National Park. I'm trying to change it's nature and ability but haven't found one that works yet.
  2. If you're concerned about playing around with the 3DS, extracting a sword/shield save from a Switch is a whole other league. There is also significant risk that you'll be banned when you inject the modified save back into the Switch. I would try the 3DS first and leave the Switch for another day.
  3. Aaaand success! I don't know why but the first few times I tried the pokecoupon menu on the left I got the garbled menu screen you see below. Only after a exiting out and getting back in few times did I happen to get the proper menu screen in the middle screenshot. Just select the top option and select yes. I've no idea if it actually charged me any pokecoupons or not but it saved a pikachu to the empty slot in my party. A point of interest, after saving, it also came up with another yes/no option but I have no idea what I was choosing yes or no for. I selected no and it sent me back to the garbled menu. I also tried the second option (I can't read Japanese so I've no idea what it says, other than there's GBA in there) but it actually made the emulator throw up an error so not sure what that or any of the other options do. Anyway, hopefully someone will gain something from my hours of frustration. AR codes and your own US or PAL disc are all you need. By all accounts the US version is no where near as buggy, with actual translated text so if that's your version you may have an even easier time with the whole process.
  4. Success!! If in future, anyone ever Googles this thread, here was my big mistake. I was trying to use the action replay codes on an iso of the Japanese bonus disc. That was never going to work. If you want a Japanese Celebi, then get the bonus disc for sure, but if you're after an English language Celebi, look no further than your own US or PAL copy of the game. The action replay codes below unlock Japanese bonus disc that has been leftover in your copy of the game. USA Europe 5M54-WC2B-QHBG6 WNR8-RY3Q-29P6T GMNK-UQNE-QR78H WHZ0-EWPJ-12BTD NRTU-8KHF-1PZZ8 DEED-TK1H-U6N5P BHDF-N90M-BKMPV 3V7P-NZA1-ZBNVQ WNR8-RY3Q-29P6T GMNK-UQNE-QR78H WHZ0-EWPJ-12BTD NRTU-8KHF-1PZZ8 F57Q-1RNH-ZBAKF CNU4-TJFW-TR1W0 This is actually way simpler, as no hex editing is involved, no mucking around with different formatted memory cards. Just put in the AR code and presuming you've caught and purified all 48 pokemon, when you pick the shrine option on the right, Celebi will be sent to your party in the language of your save game (in my case, English). That said, the PAL version is insanely buggy. The cutscene is a rapid fire mess of empty text boxes. Not to mention the pokecoupons menu on the left. Next project is the Pikachu from the pokecoupons menu. Not sure if that will be possible due to how buggy the menu is, but I'll post my results if I have any luck!
  5. Can confirm that following the guide at https://3ds.hacks.guide/ isn't that hard. If you're worried about bricking your 3DS, loose ones aren't all that much on ebay. You could always buy a spare to be your hacked one. If you can get CFW going on a 3DS that will give you access to your Gen 4, 5, 6 & 7 saves so it really is worth it. Not to mention if you've still got saves from Gen 1 & 2, you can even send them to the Bank with a bit of tinkering. For Gen 3 you don't need to hack anything, you just need a flashcart. My personal recommendation would be the R4i Gold 3DS Plus (https://www.nds-card.com/ProShow.asp?ProID=575). It will also help you out greatly if you do decide to install CFW on your 3DS.
  6. Hi all, So I'm on a quest to get myself an English language Agate Celebi and Colos Pikachu from the Japanese Colosseum Bonus Disc. I've trawled threads here and over at digiex and gbatemp and while I think I know the process, I'm stuck at the very first step. No matter what I do, I can't get the action replay codes to work on Dolphin to force the disc into English. I feel like there's something wildly simple here that I'm missing but I don't know what it is. I've tried both the PAL and US codes and I've tried them on both my hex edited iso and an untouched one. No matter what I do, the textboxes are in Japanese. Anyone got any tips? Action replay codes work fine for me on other titles, but no matter what I do, I can't get them going on this Thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. Hoping this is ok to post on a thread that hasn't been touched in a couple of years... I joined up just to say thanks for the amazing work you guys have done on this. Thanks to your hard work I have 3 freshly purified English language e-reader pokemon in 2020 that I never thought I'd be able to get. I did have an idea that I unfortunately don't have the knowhow to implement, but here it is anyway: Using the action replay codes here (https://www.gc-forever.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2023) it's possible to replace trainer battles using their associated code, ie replacing "trainer xxxx" with "trainer yyyy" Trainer Battle Replacer [Ralf] 04004300 2803xxxx 04004304 40820008 04004308 3860yyyy 0400430C 5460043F 04004310 4820E238 04212544 4BDF1DBC Is it possible to find the code for the 3 e-reader shadow pokemon trainers so the battles could be accessed with nothing more than an action replay or emulator? Am I right in thinking that they would be in the game somewhere already as the e-reader code itself surely isn't big enough to contain all the trainer/pokemon data.
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