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  1. I don't play online anyway cause I refuse to pay for internet I already paid for. But yeah I'll wait. First I just wanna do the gameboy, D's, and 3ds
  2. Alright thanks. I'll look into that when I get my computer fixed. So... That's all for D's/gameboy/3ds so what about switch games?
  3. I have no idea how to do that Also I don't like messing with things I know nothing about for fears of breaking it-
  4. I have a Ds lite. As for flashcard, no idea what that is so I'm assuming no. But I will putretron 5 on my shopping list
  5. Alright. Seeing as I'm working from bottom to top, let's start with my GBA games. Pokemon firered, leafgreen, ruby, emerald, and sapphire
  6. I'm gonna be fully honest here Im not that bright when it comes to technical things. I'm more of a step by step person. That being said first and foremost, do I need like a special cord or cartridge to get it from system to PC? Cause right now I have a gameboy, DS, 3DS, and a switch with all the mainline pokemon games starting from firered and leafgreen to soon to be sword and shield once I figure out how to do this all.
  7. No rom hacks. Just regular pokemon games. How do you get it from the cartridge to the PC then?
  8. I have no idea if this is the right place to put this but it's kinda confusing for me so I'm just putting it in general discussions. I've seen a lot of this but each video I see of tutorials on how pkhex works it only seems to be on emulators instead of the actual physical copies themselves. Does it work on said copies or no? And if so how do you hook it up to your gameboy/DS/3DS/switch?
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