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rescue team Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team Discussion

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Oddly enough, we don't have a thread about this yet.

So, I found my old copy of PMD:Blue, and I decided to play it again. The problem is, I don't have any idea what starters to pick, or what stuff to recruit. The mechanics are so different that I really don't know anything. So, I thought I'd put this out there for people to.. discuss?

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What a way for people to ignore this thread. Honestly, the starters for the most part are overpowered, so you can go for whatever you'd like. Personally in my second run I tried for an Eevee and strangely got her on my first try (female only btw... :S). Try to get a Cubone, who is pretty powerful in this game (Bone Club). I found Mudkip, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur to be really effective in this game as well (for the most part, waters seem to be really good in this game, and Bulbasaur's Sleep Powder = win). You can either just cheat for your personal favorite or go ahead with the personality test and get something that apparently "fits" your personality. Personality and gender affects which Pokemon you get... but natures don't have an effect on the Pokemon's stats unlike the actual game.

Also take note, multi hitting moves like Bullet Seed or Fury Attack are for the most part broken, and AoE like Blizzard and Silver Wind can hit anything in the map, and ranged moves like Bubble and Razor Leaf can be a lifesaver. What you want is pretty much crowd control, defense, and mobility. Take note that water Pokemon can move through water, fire Pokemon can walk over lava, fliers can fly over terrains, and ghosts can walk through walls :|

As for your partner... he/she has a dumb AI, but you can control what they do and disable/enable some moves (their default is to follow you). Later on, you will be able to recruit new Pokemon from dungeons if you defeat them (without a ranged move I believe). That's pretty much how you are going to "catch Pokemon". Once you beat the game you can switch your leader (your Pokemon) out for another and your partner will be treated as a regular recruited Pokemon, so he/she won't be required to tag along with you. You "withdraw/deposit" Pokemon in "Friend Zones". You will find the early stages of the game annoying when your partner keeps getting KOd for chasing an enemy you didn't want him/her to... (Bulbasaur stop chasing that Spearow!).

As for stats, they are quite infinite (max being 999), which you can increase through vitamins and gummies. Gummies increase IQ as well, which allows you to learn new tactics, and depending on the color of the gummy, you gain more IQ if the Pokemon likes it or not (7 IQ for the same type gummy, 4 for being a gummy color that the Pokemon is weak to, etc...). If it's a dual type like Quagsire and you give it a Blue Gummy, it gains 11 IQ (7 for being water + 4 for being ground, who is weak to water), so dual types usually have an advantage.

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