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How To Make Perfect Pokemon

This is a tutorial on how to use Pokesav to create Pokemon in such a way that a Legality Checker, which checks for any inconsistency of a .pkm file, will pass it as being legal. This tutorial will NOT go in-depth on Pokemon customization, just the basics on how to make your Pokemon pass a legality check. If any troubles arise after you've complete this guide, please read the Troubleshooting section. The areas you need to pay attention to in the guide will be highlighted in yellow.

Things you will need:

  • Pokesav
  • Legality Checker
  • An Action Replay DS, flashcart, or a .SAV/.DUC file
  • A Windows or Linux operating system

Step 1:

Considering you have the listed requirements, I'll jump right in and expect you to have opened Pokesav. The first thing you may notice is that there are a lot of options, some of which may be confusing. Don't worry, just pay attention to the area highlighted in yellow below.


What you want to do is click Edit on the first Pokemon space, at the top-right. This will open up a Pokemon editor. Steps 2-9 will guide you on how to make your Pokemon.

Step 2:

You will see a LOT of things on this page, and unfortunatly, most of them you have to learn about and mess with. The VERY first thing you want to do is choose a Pokemon, as if it weren't obvious. Then, choose its held item, if you want it to hold one. Your Trainer ID can be found by looking at your Trainer Card, but your Secret ID can only be found by either upload a SAV/DUC file or finding it with an Action Replay code. From what I've seen, neither of these affect the legality of the Pokemon. All you need to do for the Level is change it to the desired level [max 100], you DO NOT have to mess with the Experience. And, if you want, you can edit the happiness [max 255].


You may see Stats Edit and PID above and below the highlighted area, we are not going to worry about those for now.

Step 3:

You may or may not be familiar with EVs and IVs, so here's a quick rundown. IVs [max 31] are what judge the maximum amount for that stat, and these are chosen at pseudo-random. EVs [max 510 overall, max 255 per stat] are what judge how high your stats actually are, 255 in one stat being the highest that stat can go (but you only really need 252, since 1 stat point = 4 EVs).

So with that, we edit the IVs and EVs. The maximum amount in the IV areas are 31, and the minimum is 0. The maximum amount in the EV areas are 255, but the sum of all of the EVs MUST be no greater than 510.


If you DO set the EVs to add up to 510, I'd tick Pokerus as Cured, to make it seem legal in-game (Pokerus does not matter in a Legality Check). Also, I would advise you NOT to put all of your IVs as 31, as this may be the result of a problem in Step 7.

Step 4:

Next, we go to the middle area, near the top, with Name, OT, etc.


These are pretty straightforward. If you don't want a nickname for your Pokemon, click "Original Name," and if you do want one, click the box and enter a nickname [max 10 characters], then tick the Nicknamed box. Your OT, just put as your own name if you want [max 7 characters], or if you're using a SAV/DUC file, click Input Own OT. I would not suggest this, as later on, your Pokemon will appear as "Apparently Met at [area], which either means it was traded or hacked. I'd put another name here to prevent suspicion of hacking. Of course, select your gender afterwards. The MOST IMPORTANT PART, in my opinion, of this guide, is what ball you have caught a Pokemon with. It can be anything, but if the Pokemon was hatched, it MUST be a Poke Ball. I have seen a lot of people be disqualified because of hatched Pokemon being in the wrong balls. Then just put what Ability you want it to have.

Step 5:

Right below that is the Moveset box.


This is pretty straightforward, except MAKE SURE that the PP you enter in PP Left is the maximum for that move. Also, I'd suggest just click Max on the PP UPs [max 3] section.

Step 6:

Near the top-right corner (not all the way), you'll find the area dependencies.


This can get confusing for some people, but what you need to do is, from the dropdown menu, select where your Pokemon was met and at what level (NOTE: This only applies to Pokemon that have been caught, not hatched). If you need help with determining these details, here is a site that will give you them. Next is Date Met, which is for met Pokemon and the date your Pokemon hatched. I'll get to the Egg details in a moment, and skip to the Hometown. Where you caught your Pokemon will determine this. (NOTE: If you want your Pokemon to be met and not hatched, skip to Step 7) Now to the Egg section, which is pretty easy. Just decide where your egg was hatched, and when it was received. Ribbons are just an extra, and do not affect the legality in the Legality Checker, but may affect the legality when checked for hacks in tournaments.

Step 7:

Now we want to go back to the area where we input the Pokemon, Held Item, etc., and go to the PID section. HOWEVER, the only button you need to click is PID/IV. DO NOT click Generate at all.


You should see something that looks like a Microsoft Excel sheet, or a table. Just click Generate. After that, you should see a list of things, which you will probably notice the Natures first. Here is the layout of the output:

PID (ignore)-------Type (ignore)-------Nature-------Ability (ignore)-------Gender-------Shiny

So, with that information, you should be able to figure out which of the options listed you want. Just click the option you want, and press OK.

Step 8:

From where you just were, click Stats Edit right above where you chose your Pokemon, and then hit All Max, then OK.



Afterwards, go to the very top-right of the program, and select your Language.

And that's it! If all went well, you should now have a legal Pokemon (or at least, make it seem like it ;).

Step 9:

You've made your legal Pokemon, but that's not the end of this guide. In order to check its legality, you have to Save it to somewhere (preferably the desktop, or the folder where the Legality Checker is) and do your own Legality Check. To save your Pokemon, just go to the Pokemon space you used to make your Pokemon, and click Save.


After you save it to your desired location, drag it to the Legality Checker, and you should get an outcome that is similar to this:


If you get any Invalid errors, or Hacked Or Unknown Pokemon errors (if it is an error, it will be in red), please refer to the Troubleshooting section.



Question: My Pokesav doesn't look exactly like yours! D:

Answer: I used GIMP to edit out useless options in the pictures.

Question: My Pokemon shows up as hacked. Help?

There could be many things wrong. Go through the steps again, make sure you did everything correctly. If it still shows up as hacked, try running TrashBytes.exe on your .pkm file, see if that fixes it. If that still doesn't work, try this: Upload your Pokemon back to Pokesav, via Load in a Pokemon space. Then, go to Edit. Go to PID/IV, and click Generate. Your problem could be because of a faulty PID, or because it's of the wrong gender. If you cannot find the Nature you want on that list, change one of your IVs to change the PID outcome (this is why I said not to put your IVs to all 31s). Keep repeating the Change-IVs-and-check-PID/IV until you get it to where your Pokemon is no longer hacked. Your problems should be fixed.

If you are experiencing problems not mentioned in this guide, please state them here.

For reference, the original guide I wrote is located here.

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this guide its ok, but you should consider updating the pokesav images, these are from an older version and HG/SS pokesav contains all of these features plus its a bit more stylish. Also you only need to use PID/IV for caught wild pokemon and must place the ivs first to be able to select one, BTW generate its used for hatched pokemon, plus it´ll be a lil´helpfull if you explain the types of PID/IV combinations for better understanding upon selecting it and for Legality Checker purposes.

Just a friendly comment!

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it does if the poke was caught in the wild in dppt or is a non-roaming legendary.

The "Sync Check" actually has nothing to do with Synchronize. In DPPt, certain "legitimate" IV\nature spreads are actually skipped and cannot be encountered at all.

Pokemon you encounter through certain in-game events, like gift Pokemon (Eevee, Porygon, Dialga\Palkia\Giratina from the Arceus event, etc. and roamers) have all ~4.2 billion spreads available to them. But for everything else (including wild encounters and battles with non-roamer legendaries), the generation method skips over some of these "legitimate" spreads, so they can never be found on a wild Pokemon. The Sync Check makes sure the spread is not one of those skipped spreads.

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