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REQUESTED: matshp (or something else?) Researcher

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Most people think that Gen IV development is near dead when it comes to map editing. I created AlphaMap back in July of last year and it is finally nearing completion (picture below). My current obstacle is with these matshps (or could be potentially something else). I just want someone to check them out and see if they can find something relevant and document it properly.

Current documentation:

File is divided into two parts. The number of entries are determined by the first two UInt16's. The first section begins at 0x4 and every entry is 4 bytes. The first UInt16 of the entry is the size and the next is the offset, unless the second part is 0xFFFF. The second section is the more complicating part. Each entry is determined by the previous section. What they do... is in need of documentation. Each entry corresponds to a particular object.

Where to start:

I'd go to a known spot. Object 0x9 is the Bell Tower. So see if you can modify that to change it and document what changes physically happen. The file is located in /root/fielddata/bm_field_matshp.dat in HGSS.

(picture of AlphaMap)


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