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Would This Pal-Parked Pokemon Be Legal?

Cinder Twig

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My first attempt at a Legal Pokemon! I'm not sure if it checks out or not. It's supposed to be a Faraway Island Mew caught on Emerald, Pal-Parked to Pearl. It's shiny as if someone had soft-reset for it. ^^

Here's the image:


The only thing I'm unsure about is the Type, and how it works. I don't know if a shiny Emerald Mew can be listed as "Uncommon" or not, or if the algorithm that follows, (A-B-D-E), is right.

Let me know if something looks amiss, and if so, a way for it to be fixed! :3 Thank you.

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Sorry for the bump! If I make the Mew a fateful encounter, is it then totally legal, or are there any other things I should tweak?

Here's the updated file:


That's good. recalls that in its data must also Hoenn came out even if the box turned Fateful encounter.

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