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idea Pokemon Mystery dungeon explorers of time/darkness hack: can this be done?

can this be done?  

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  1. 1. can this be done?

    • yes, its easy!
    • yes, but it will take ages for you to make that hack.
    • no, we have not yet made theese hacking tools.

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I'm thinking of making a pokemon ROM hack of Pokemon Mystery dungeon: explorers of time/darkness. are there any tools that can help me? I will need:

something to edit text

something to edit cutscenes

something to change the pokemon personality quiz

something that can edit dumgeons/the pokemon in them.

anything that can change the boss pokemon at the top of a dungeon

something to change the name and number of floors of a dungeon.

so basicly, I need links to things that can change...pretty much anything in PMD: EOD/EOT. credit will be given if you want me to credit you in the opening sequence!

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By this, I mean i need tools that can do things like...when grovyle is sent to the future, a zangoose appears, pushes bidoof into the hole, then attacks chatot, and gets hurt really badly, then you learn that chatot is evil. but then he's not. BUT THEN HE IS! then everybody is! then they are not. BUT YOU ARE!!!

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