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questions Heart Gold/Soul Silver Help and Small Questions thread


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@ Sunny: Karen did something stupid. Houndoom uses Nasty Plot, Feraligatr uses Surf; Houndoom's health is in the orange zone. Karen RECALLS her Houndoom instead of outright destroying my weakened Feraligatr who was orange HP from previous skirmishes. I don't think switching necessarily makes these trainers any smarter than normal trainers; or perhaps even dumber :/

I just want to know the conditions. I don't think they just switch randomly. And if you battle in Shift mode, the trainers with high AI values or whatnot tend to bring out a Pokemon with the MOVE to hit super effective on your Pokemon, despite whether it is weak to your own or not, such as "Elite Four Flint is about to send out Infernape, will Trainer switch Pokemon?" when you have a Floatzel out, while Flint might as well brought out something like Lopunny or Drifblim (this is DP, not Plat, for example).

I found another case where in Platinum a trainer with the three Kanto Eeveelutions had a Jolteon out against my Flareon... and he RETREATS and sends out Vaporeon. What in the world? I mean, sure trainers should be able to switch but why at specific times? I don't see them switching out to a Kingler while my Typhlosion is up against a Victreebel (Ace Trainer Gaven).

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Hey there. I have Pokedex question. I haven't played my Heartgold for a few years and finally played it again. It says I have 493 pokemon seen and 466 Pokemon caught, yet I have only four boxes full of Pokemon and a majority of them aren't even there, even though it shows that they are in the Pokedex as caught. Is this a glitch or am I missing something? I have used Pokesav and Pokegen but never for a complete Pokedex.

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