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Can't get the legal check because of OT/HT error.


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First time using PkHeX and was testing it out to try and generate a legal Palkia.

My game is Moon, I used the Tools > Data > Encounter database to generate a Palkia from Pearl. Everything is great until I change the OT to my desired name. Once I do, it's no longer legal. It only works when the OT is the default name of PKHeX.


What am I doing wrong?

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8 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

You're changing more than just the OT name. Can't tell what else you're doing wrong because you're not descriptive enough.

Hey man! Thanks for your help! Here is exactly what I do:

1. Open application

2. Tools > Data > Encounter Database

3.  Click on the dropdown for Species

4. Find Palkia

5. Change OT Version to Pearl

6. Search

7. Right click the Palkia and "View".

8. Only error for legality check is, "Invalid: Pokemon HOME Transfer Tracker is missing.

9. I enter a random number for HOME Tracker on the OT/Misc menu.

10. Now I click the red ! and it changes to a green check.

11. Then I change the OT from "PKHeX" to "Alex"

12. Then I change the HT from "PKHeX" to "Alex"

13. The legal check reads, "Invalid: Handling Trainer does not match the expected trainer name.

So, does the HT name have to be PKHeX? Does this show up in game? And just to be clear, I didn't change anything from the Main, Met, Stats, Moves, Cosmetic tabs and left them alone as generated by the Encounter Database. (See images below)


Side question if you don't mind: From my research, it looks like we cannot use the Auto Legality Mod with the latest version of PKHeX because the ALM has not been updated. Is this correct?



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The program gives you a blank save file to act as the holder for whatever mons you import/create. That OT is indicated at the top of the program.

As indicated by the popup, the handling trainer is expecting PKHeX, because that is the handling trainer. The original trainer is from Gen4, and you are editing in a Gen9 context (Violet), so the OT could never be handling it anyway. If you want to be in a different context, load your save file, or change the program settings to change which blank save file context is loaded.

Plugins not updated by the original plugin author may still be maintained by others who have made a fork.

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