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"Welcome Back" Message Bug in PKHeX Gen 8 Pokémon


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Any Gen 8 Pokémon created with PKHeX Version 20240505 using the encounter database will have the following issue: After generating a Pokémon with a Trainer name, SID, and TID different from those associated with my in-game account, when trading the Pokémon with me, I receive the message "Welcome back" as if the Pokémon was mine before. Additionally, the memories tab incorrectly states that we met in the place where the Pokémon originally met the OT instead of saying that it came through a Link Trade.

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You're right, thank you. I just looked at a .pk8 file sent back to me from the bot, and the OT data was modified to match mine. I wasn't aware of this feature until now. I will try to find an alternative.

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