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Is modern PKheX viable for identifying Shadow Pokemon and lowering their heart gauge?


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I was looking for guides on the website and I found a variety of posts talking about issues related to Shadow Pokemon. Being able to recognize Shadow Pokemon (like Teddiursa), PID mismatches, editing messing up saves, and issues with Elekid.

It seems XD/Colosseum saves are different than standard Pokemon saves and I suppose more error-prone (?).

I did see that a majority of the posts were from a few years ago and I was wondering if those bugs are no longer an issue with the updated version.

My goal is to transfer all my purified Shadow Pokemon and use PKheX to streamline the process. I am not looking to edit anything beyond the heart gauge for Colosseum. I hope to have the Pokemon retain their National Ribbon to show they were purified. 

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Try it and see? 

Colosseum and XD are less played games, and thus there is less interest in documenting the structure of the save file. Over the years there have been improvements, and Shadow heart gauge should be working. You can even just transfer PKM between instances of the program to skip the need to purify them.

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Posted (edited)

I did not know that PKHeX auto purifies them. That is really cool, thank you!

I am looking to get Lugia and, even with PKHeX, I imagine I need to unlock them by the stone to count.

I am guessing I set the heart gauge to 0. Do I need to check the shadow box or leave it unchecked?

Do you know where I could find a list of Shadow IDs? I’ve tried Serebii and Bulbapedia.

For example, Seedot is 7 and Makuhita is 15 (in XD). I wanted to cross reference.  

When I get the remaining Shadow Pokemon, I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

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