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What does this mean? Transferring boxed pokemon from soul silver to platinum


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Found an answer in an old thread. Seems the question is about simulating a trade or making you the original trainer. Not sure about the old option but I want this to be a trade so yes it is.

Original post

So I'm trying a playthrough of all the games and intend to migrate pokemon. Currently I want to move the pokemon from soul silver to platinum and I need to use PK hex as they're on the same DS. Now I understand I need to dump the boxes from soul silver then load them into platinum and all the updating should be taken care of. I believe the clear subsequent boxes doesn't matter as I have no pokemon in them in platinum but I'm not sure about the second pop up screen where it say's . . .


PKM Loading overrides:

Yes - Modify .pk" when set to SAV

No - Don't modify .pk"

Cancel - Use current settings (Yes)


What is .pk" and should I select yes/no or cancel and is there anyhthing else I need to do to legally migrate a large group of pokemon from one game to another.

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3 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

The first (default) setting is "Yes" because if you imported a box of eggs not from the save file, they should automatically be updated to be link traded eggs rather than just directly imported.


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