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Pokemon Blue Save Not Loading/Corrupt into cart or PKMDS

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I had 3 carts with dead batteries. Using the Epilogue dock I managed to get dumps from all three. Two of them work (one Blue I have personally from who knows where and one Red my brother has). My brother has my original Pokemon Blue and that dump seems to be the only one of the three that will not load into PKMDS. It also refuses to flash using Epilogue into the Blue cart here.

When I use the software not the website, I get an error saying it might be the wrong size or corrupt. I looked using a hex editor and it doesn't seem blank but like there's data there. I am not sure if the save or parts of it can be salvaged but hopefully someone with more knowledge than me knows the suggestion to offer either way.

As I recall I finished the whole game, all Pokemon unlocked in Pokedex, and had all the legendaries including a Mew. 



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Ah thanks for checking, I do appreciate your time. At least now I have my final answer and will have to start over from scratch again. They were good Pokemon during my childhood, let them Rest In Peace.

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