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Save File from Delta IOS

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 Iam not sure if this is the right forum but i have a problem. 
if i save on Delta on my iphone, there is no .sav file so i cant put in in pkhex. There is just a normal file that i cant input in pkhex, 

Is there a way to make this possible am i missing something?

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Okay so, if you’re on ios, then you *should* have the files app that comes with the iPhone. I’ll give you a lil step by step on how to get your pokemon saves onto pkhex. You’ll need a way to transfer files back n forth from your computer i.e. telegram (what i use). Here’s a short video and explanation.



Once you have saved your game, on your choice of Pokemon game, press the “menu” button then head to “main menu”. Once there, press and hold on the Pokemon game you would like to edit via pkhex. It should show a drop down menu where you wanna press “export save file”, then press “save” in the top right corner. 

Now you wanna head over to your files app and then find the save file(s) (They’re usually in iCloud drive > save files. If they’re not there just have a mess around and look everywhere in all of your delta folders). Once you have found them, press and hold on the save file again, and then press “share” now you’ll obviously have to share it via your preferred method, but once shared, access it on your computer by dragging and dropping the save file into an already open window of pkhex

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