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What does the (X) mean in the Origin seed? and How can I remove it?

Crescent Hunter

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Every wild pokemon I got, which I modify. Their origin seed have the (x). But not for my other pokemon in static encounter such as gift pokemon (lapras, eevee, bulbasaur), legendary bird and mewtwo, pokemon from celadon game corner, and fossils.

What is that (x), how can I remove it?


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It means it failed to validate the encounter slot RNG correlation, which likely means it's not legal. 

The severity of the check is currently Fishy for Gen3 as vblanks may cause it to be disjointed, but in 99% of cases it's a correct assessment.

How to remove it? Only assign PIDIV spreads that the encounter slot can have. Use a tool like Pokefinder to search.

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