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Having issues with contest memory and battle memory

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Alot of my pokemon have been randomly hit with an issue with contest memory and battle memory since I've updated pkhex and Im unable to fix it does anyone know how to? I'm lost on how to solve this because even when I remove them it still says it.

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Why is PKHeX showing my Pokémon have illegal Contest or Battle Memory Ribbons?
First of all, please check that the encounter is actually eligible for the Battle or Contest memory value you've given it, as PKHeX will flag impossible values.

(As an example, Ditto/Unown, having only a single move, cannot have more than 20/40 Contest Memory due to being ineligible for Super Contests, and several species of Pokémon, such as Mythicals, are prevented from participating in the Battle Tower(s) and therefore cannot obtain the Battle Memory Ribbon at all.)

If the issue persists even with legal values of Contest or Battle Memory ribbons, or after removing the ribbons entirely, this is a result of having edited those ribbons on older versions of PKHeX or PKSM, which resulted in an incorrect state for that ribbon.

This can be corrected by either transferring the affected Pokémon to Pokémon HOME via Pokémon Bank, or by running the following batch command on the affected Pokémon in the Batch Editor in PKHeX. 
(The Batch Editor can be found under Tools > Data):

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