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Potential Australian Mew OT: AUS


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Hi guys

as ProjectPokemon doesn’t have australia mew with OT AUS, as a aussie I found one in the public online via FB market, I missed out on eBay, the seller is close to me. Problem is the cost $700 (originally was $439 before being increase)

if this get sold we won’t find another one again ever, this is my last chance of buying it and sharing with community with ProjectPokemon. I also have to buy Flash cart. 

if there anyway the community can help me buy it so I can bring you guys the copy of the rom and save files. 


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The ROM is likely a regular ROM, with just the Mew shared via trade. Besides ROM sharing isn't allowed here anyway so that's off the table.
(and, even if the ROM were to be different, I don't expect it to be different from the debug variants that leaked a while ago)

As much as having an old Mew would be interesting, it's not difficult to fake one. Without adequate proof (such as old certs and photos and a convincing story), it would be ill-advised for anyone to make such a purchase (because more often than not, these Mew are fake; they are very easy to fake).

Also, quite curious this seller mentions save, rather than cartridge.

In any case, if anyone would like to do it, just know to do it at your own risk. I'm just being a cautious bystander and warning everyone of the associated risks, carry on.

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thank for your replies 

I meant dumping save files from the cartridge. I’m aware we can’t share rom. 

I had a feeling that may be the case, due to the price I will find out more. considering this is only public of Australian Mew in the wild available after months of research. All I can do is hope this is legit.  

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According the seller description on FB market

Original genuine PAL Pokemon Red for Game Boy cartridge, with an early save with an authentic unused level 5 Mew on it, from the Poketour stop in Greensborough/VIC in 1999.


Tested for the photo, but has lived in an original gameboy hardcase since. Relatively untouched for over 24 years, presents as almost brand new/brand new condition. It's the first game on it with very little progress, as I am the original owner and had another copy with Mew on it on my Blue cartridge that I used regularly.


Would consider trade for a Asus ROG Ally, Legion Go or Steam Deck.


Pickup bondi junction, or can post express + tracking for $20


If it's still here it's available, no holds. See less

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