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Totally noob needs help with ALM in pkHex

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Hey there! I'm just writing this topic, because i tried everything I could to make it work, but didn't manage to get anything

I'm trying to get a functional version of ALM in pkhex, but i simply find it impossible... since the automatic tool doesn't work anymore, I already downloaded various *.cs files, and tried the "plugins folder" manual method, but I can't make this work...

Is there a way to download the *.dll file to make the plugin work? If not... is there any video showing how to make a .dll file from that .cs files I have? I'm having some trouble and seems to be impossible to me, because the guide doesn't tell me more than "download the files, put them in a folder and it's ok... That's not working for me...

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!

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