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Adjustment of shiny and mark after 5Gen using pkhex .


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Since the specification of PID changed after 5th generation, it seems that PID only affects shiny and does not affect individual values anymore.


Pkhex judges a shiny as legitimate only by pressing a button with a different color, but is there any discrepancy in the internal data due to the internal seed information or IVs that should not appear at that timing?


For example, if a wild Lechonk is captured, made shiny, and given a mark, I am wondering if the IV information and mark information of the Lechonk that should appear under the seeding conditions will be inconsistent with the internal seeding data.

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The term you are referring to is "PID/IV correlation", which is when the game generates a Pokemon and can reliably be reversed into a starting "seed" that, when run forward, produces all the values expected.

For SW/SH raids, the game uses a 64-bit seed to generate the same Pokemon for all raid participants. PID, IVs, nature, gender, height, weight, ability, and level. If the original seed is back-calculated, we run it forwards and check if all the values on the Pokemon match what the correlation gives us.

Besides SW/SH raids, there are other encounter types that have correlations, and others that don't; if the game uses the built in cryptographically secure RNG to generate a specific encounter type, each "random" result is effectively unrelated to the previous or next. Wild Pokemon in S/V use the CSPRNG, so therefore are not correlated. However, this does not mean you can use any values you want -- you still should respect the feasibility of probability, in that something with 6 flawless IVs is immediately suspect as "cheated", due to the chances of randomly encountering this result being 1:32^6, or 1:2-billion.

It's up to the user to know the differences between each encounter type, and to know the rules and probabilities of how individual Pokemon can be acquired. PKHeX is able to tell you details about the encounter type and seeds it detects if you check the verbose legality report, which can be done by holding control when requesting a legality check.

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Thank you for your very thorough explanation.
I understand it very well!!

I have one last question: when I adjust the ID of a 5th generation Pokémon, I get a legal decision, but the IV of the actual individual that appears obtained by using the tool and the IV of the current individual are divergent.

For example, I changed the PID of my Kyurem from "E10061FA" to "38C24AAF" to make it shiny, and Kyurem's original status is "Hp273,Atk220,Def155,SpA209,SpD140,Spe153" but the tool shows The status displayed by the tool is "Hp285,Atk213,Def171,SpA198,SpD154,Spe167".

In this case, the IV of Kyurem is not changed and just adjusting the PID will result in a legal determination. Therefore, is there any discrepancy in the internal data of the Kyurem if I make the adjustment without considering the IV?

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39 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

Generation 5 encounters aside from Mystery Gift are generated from two separate RNGs; one for IVs and another for everything else. The range of randomness is sufficient for any value combination to emerge.

I see.
I understand very well.
Thank you for your always careful and clear explanations!!

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