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"Owned" Checkbox in Pokedex in Sun Save File


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13 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

The checkbox for Owned indicates if you own it and have registered it in your dex.

If you hacked it in without registering it to your dex, that would explain the missing check.

I never hacked in my Decidueye. It was my starter Rowlet. Is there a bug with pkhex?


Edit: Actually I checked more pokemon under the Pokedex tab and none of the pokemon I own have Owned checked -- for example, the yungoos that I caught in Route 1.

Edit 2: I have "UpdatePokedex" Option as True under settings. When I inject a pokemon to a box, pkhex doesn't mark the injected pokemon's Owned checkbox in pokedex. 

Edit 3: So I went and tested more in-game. Without pkhex, my drifbloon's pokedex looks like this:


After injecting a wild-caught drifbloon from the encounter database into a box in my Sun save file, the in-game pokedex screen looks like this:


BUT in pkhex the Owned checkbox is not marked. I'm really confused here


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