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WHenever i want to give myself a pokemon in any of my pokemon games, it always shows up with a danger symbol heside it on the small sprite, for example, i wanted to give myself a torkal in emerald, bt the torkal has that danger symbol beside it, what do i do.

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That symbol means the Pokemon is illegal, it can not exist in the game like that. You have done something wrong when you created it.

Hold Ctrl and click on that symbol, you will see a detailed legality analysis which will tell you what's wrong.

It is recommended to not create something from scratch but to use the Encounter Database instead (Tools > Data > Encounter Database). Search for the Pokemon you want and PKHeX will create it just like the game would. You can do your modifications afterwards.

Also keep in mind that in gen 3 IVs, nature, ability and gender are connected to the PID. So if you change any of them without inserting a new proper PID, the Pokemon would become illegal. PKHeX won't generate the PID for you, you will have to use Pokefinder for that.


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