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Unable to match an encounter from origin Game when randomizing IV's


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I'm using the encounter database to generate various pokemon from dynamax adventures, but for some reason, whenever I randomize the IV's or try to set Attack/Speed to 0, I get an "Unable to match an encounter from origin game" error. I don't make any other changes aside from editing the IV's

Here is something that comes generated from the encounter database



And then if I try to change Attack to 0



I don't make any changes to the PID or encryption constant, but notice that when I make it shiny (CTRL + Left Click), it's suddenly legal again, but there are some pokemon that I don't want shiny. I also noticed that the IV's are not randomly assigned and just stay the same when I generate from the encounter database no matter what pokemon I choose, the only thing that changes is the characteristic. Anyone have any idea what could be going on?

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11 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

PID/IV correlation exists.

 Ahh okay. What could be causing the IV's to not randomize when regenerating the pokemon though?
I would go into the encounter database, search a pokemon (I'll use Reshiram again for the example)

Right click > View and I get this


I do that again and the only thing that changes is the characteristic, but the IV's are all the same still

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