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Requesting Event Shiny Beldum Please and Thank you. [ORAS]

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11 minutes ago, TrainerORAS said:

No I don’t intend to keep the forum open. Also again that is absolutely not begging saying that is utterly ridiculous. Saying that’s begging is the most childish thing I’ve ever heard it’s laughable. Say what you want but you’re totally blowing this out of proportion and this discussion is totally useless. You don’t need to read my mind at all. I asked twice if I had kept asking numerous times then that would be a different scenario. That first comment he made before the edit was definitely not gentle saying otherwise is weird. The fact is the original person who made that statement is in the complete wrong. I rather not waste more time discussing this. 

You’re overreacting to what they’ve said. Not penalising you or anything, but it is possible you aren’t used to forum etiquette and can’t fathom how your actions can be seen as begging. Take a second to think about how your actions sound like begging to a third person, okay?

In the mean time our advice stands: it is almost definitely better for you to hack your own device and get what you want, as opposed to trying to rely on someone on the long run. Heard of the entire give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish proverb? Same deal. If you’re open to learning that we can teach you, just open another thread in the appropriate sub-forum.

Anyhow, I am closing this thread as requested.

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